Sprint 2

In Sprint 1 we had you face off against your peers for the chance to win fantastic new gear. This go around it’s all about working together. It’s team versus team, region versus region for the chance to qualify for one of our excellent group rewards.
Work together as a well-oiled machine to hit your target and your team will receive a work do like no other. From thrilling team experiences to delicious dining adventures, we guarantee it will be an event to remember! Click here for all the details on Sprint 2's rewards. 
The Teams
  • Northern: Nick Rinaudo, Wesley Greig, Ashleigh Knight, Dean Whitton, Gerard Doherty, Lacey Blackley, Malcolm Salisbury, Mark Rantucci, Matt Moyle and Melissa Trengove. 
  • Southern: Dan Gestier, Charlie Mitchell, Ken Webber, Lachlan Mickan, Lucas Bagshaw, Luke Testoni, Marty Montgomery, Russell Meade, Sam Adam and Shayne Mathews. 
  • Western: Julien Pearce, Andrew Donkin, Brock Ramsay and Lisa Furey. 
CAM's Tony Button, Mathew Taylor, Stuart Blair, Stuart McLaverty and Aaron Edmunds will also support the effort by chasing National Channel Partner targets. 

How do you qualify?
Click here to see your targets for Sprint 2.